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Is Broadway Producer's 834 Fifth Duplex Officially a Flop?

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Billionaire-heavy co-op 834 Fifth Avenue isn't exactly known for its humility. So the Choppage on #1314A (especially after a few recent sales in the building) must be a tough reality check for its owner, legendary Broadway producer/director Hal Prince. The place hit the market in September at $33 million and is now asking $27.5 million after its second price cut. The floorplan porn's pretty sweet, it's 834 Fifth, and the new price is still $5,789/square foot, so our tears are drying fast here. We can only put the failure to sell down to décor the brokerbabble originally called "a very personal statement of the owner's." (Not to mention it clashes with our font.) Or maybe no one wants to go to Rupert Murdoch's barbecues.
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834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY