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North Tribeca Getting Ready to (Mostly) Bury Industrial Past

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The existence of Truffles Tribeca probably made the rezoning of northern Tribeca from primarily industrial to residential and family-friendly inevitable. And it's on the way right now! DNAinfo notes that the city has released its final North Tribeca rezoning proposal for public comment. So what are we looking at?

The area that will be allowed the heaviest development is right around the ever-popular Holland Tunnel, with building heights and densities limited on the quieter streets to the east and west. After some community whining, the Department of City Planning limited developers' affordable housing incentives to the Holland Tunnel area as well. Residents of illegal lofts zoned for manufacturing will be able to apply for residential certificates of occupancy and stop living in the shadows. But Tribeca won't be giving up its industrial roots completely?the furniture making and machine repair industries will still be allowed past the velvet rezoning ropes.
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