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New Columbus Square Rental Buildings Put on Their Uniforms

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[Photos via Curbed Photo Pool/Tectonic Photo.]

Massive new Upper Upper West Side rental community Columbus Square? formerly known as Columbus Village, which is a name that better represents its heft?still isn't completely up and running, which might be a good thing. There are still a few apartments in the flagship 808 Columbus Avenue tower to fill, and those Whole Foods lines don't really need to get any longer. But construction marches on, as this long overdue update courtesy of a Curbed Photo Pool contributor shows. Check out how the three yet-to-be-completed Columbus Avenue buildings across the street from 808 are coming along, and hoard that quinoa and kombucha while there's still time.
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805 Columbus

805 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY

Columbus Square

808 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10025 Visit Website

Columbus Square

795 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY