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Big Chunk of FiDi's New W Hotel Getting Rented to Cubicle Jockeys

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Not even a million-dollar sales office and the blood, sweat and tears of Brad Pitt's favorite designers could sell the furnished apartments in the Financial District's brand new W hotel/condo. The troubled tower just closed its first deal after numerous delays (mazel tov!), and on the heels of this momentous occasion, The Real Deal got a sales update. Turns out that 64 furnished condos have been leased to an unidentified company for two years, and will be offered as short-term corporate rentals. The condo portion of the Washington Street building contains 223 units total, with the space-age furnished ones accounting for the middle seven floors of the 56-story tower. Guess we can update the W's status from a condo/hotel to a condo/rental/hotel. A rare breed!
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W New York Downtown

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