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$10,000 Per Month to Live in Lenny Kravitz's Old Lair

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Long before Lenny Kravitz embarked on the years-long struggle to sell his sexy duplex at 30 Crosby Street in Soho, he had digs further south, or so claim the folks from Aboveground Realty. They're listing a 3,500-square-foot billiard hall rental loft at 362 Broadway, with some itty-bitty bedrooms and a $10,000 per month price tag. Photos show the pad in all its lived-in glory, replete with dirty laundry, a ginormously comfy couch (is that Lenny's imprint on the cushions?) and enough nabbed signage to keep lawyers busy for years to come.
· Listing: 362 Broadway, #3N [Aboveground Realty]
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362 West Broadway

362 West Broadway, New York, NY

360 Broadway, New York, NY