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Three Options in TriBeCa

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This Sunday we took a look into three apartments in TriBeCa. Here's some of our thoughts on what we saw.

Location: 184 Franklin Street Unit 9
Size: 550 sq ft 1 BR 1 BA
Price: $625,000 (Maint./CC $700)

A hot summer day might not be the best time to show this Fifth Floor Walk-up on Franklin Street. It'll give you a workout, but the place has got potential. At 550 square feet it feels a bit cramped, however it's possible to get rid of the wall between the kitchen and living room and the windowed wall for the bedroom which would make it a studio. This would create a much more open space and give it that great loft feel. The location is great and there are nice south facing views of Franklin Street. If you love TriBeCa and are looking for a good deal, this one is definitely worth checking out if you're willing to put some work into it.
· 184 Franklin Street

Location: 52 Thomas Street PHB
Size: 1,751 sq ft 2 BR 2 BA
Price: $2,150,000 (Taxes $1,458; CC $1,374

This penthouse on Thomas and Church is a bit of a mixed bag. The living room is well proportioned and bright due to the skylight and big windows. It's a duplex with terraces on both levels. The smaller bedroom is on the first level along with a bathroom and the tastefully done kitchen. The stairs lead to the master bedroom, which has no doors so there could be some privacy issues if that's a concern. The terraces are a great addition; the views not so much. You're pretty much right in front of the distopian-looking AT&T Long Lines Building.
· 52 Thomas Street

Location: 55 Vestry Street unit 6C
Size: 2,835 sq ft 4 BR 3.5 BA
Price: $4,250,000 (Taxes $290; CC $2,236)

If you're looking for space and plenty of bedrooms, you'll find it here. The elevator opens directly into the striking living room that has plenty of room for entertaining. It's definitely the highlight of the apartment, as the rest of it begins to seem very maze-like and cookie-cutter as you navigate through the bedrooms. Another problem is how small the closets are. But, at about $1,400 per square foot for a big slice of prime TriBeCa the price might be right for someone with a family and on somewhat of a budget.
· 55 Vestry Street