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Tribeca's $24 Million Suburb Now Under New Management

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The saga of Tribeca's favorite family-friendly mansion has officially come to a close. It was reported last month that 2 N. Moore Street, all 11,000+ square feet of it, had found a buyer for just under $24 million, a pretty big hit from its original asking price of $35 million (though spring 2008 was certainly a different time). The single-family house?part old, part new, all "our suburb," as the family that built it once described the place?has in fact sold for a bit more than that, $24,065,000, a massive deal for downtown no matter how you look at it. The purchaser is, sadly, hidden behind an LLC. What an unsuburban way to greet the neighbors!
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2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013