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Jean Nouvel's Two Biggest Fans Buy in the Vision Machine

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What do two particularly devoted fans of Jean Nouvel do to show their starchitect love? Buy as much Nouvel as possible! At least if you're Richard Pandiscio and Todd Eberle. The real estate marketer and celebrity photographer were already the owners of an apartment at 40 Mercer, and now they've added to their Nouvel mini-empire with an apartment at 100 Eleventh Avenue. They paid $2.1 million for the 1,405-square-foot 1BR, a 23.4 percent discount from the unit's $2.74 million asking price. Is there some kind of Nouvel frequent buyer card out there, or has Pandiscio, whose website says he had a hand in both projects, qualified for one of the world's more awesome employee discounts?

· Sold: 100 11th Avenue #4C [StreetEasy]
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100 Eleventh Avenue

100 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website

40 Mercer

40 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013