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Don't Forget to Tip Your Curbed Editors

Friends, as we enter these dog days of summer, a reminder that you?yes, you?are the lifeblood of this very weblog. Curbed editors rely on reader tips to put us on the scent of interesting stories, especially during times when we'd all rather be drinking ice-cold Coronas with our loved ones on largely empty beaches. (Yes, commercials are our only mental escape.) If you've got something for us?updated construction photos of a new building, the inside scoop on a listing, a neighborhood rant, whatevs?our tipline is always open: Anonymity is guaranteed, as is our eternal love.

And we're contractually obligated to point out that to keep up with the biggest headlines on Curbed, you can follow us on Twitter, pledge allegiance to us on Facebook, and sign up to receive our free daily newsletter. We promise to stop the shameless self-promotion right after you fill out this box. Psych! But fill it out anyway:

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