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New UWS Building Looks Like New UWS Subway Station

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Location: 208 West 96th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam
Size: Nine 3BR units
Prices: $2.29 million to $2.395 million so far
Architect: Arctangent Architecture + Design
Developer: Manor Properties Group
Sales & Marketing: Halstead
Lowdown: We haven't heard much of anything about new Upper West Side project 208 W 96 until today, but now the first listings are online and we're paying attention. What we're seeing is a bid for the family market, with nine full-floor 3BR units, along with an attempt at a loft-style, downtown-travels-uptown vibe. (Plus a dash of Williamsburg with private rooftop cabanas.) And perhaps to make clear just how accessible the building is, the architects seem to have let themselves be inspired by the new subway station of the future nearby. But given the lack of information on this project up to now, 208 W 96th will probably dodge its neighborhood look-alike's reputation for delays and value engineering. Interiors, floorplans, crazy exterior renderings all in the gallery above. Thoughts?
· Official Website: 208 West 96th Street []
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208 west 96th St

208 West 96th Street, New York, NY

208 W 96

208 West 96th Street, New York, NY