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Ain't No World Cup Party Like a 40 Bond World Cup Party

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The shirtless fellow pictured above told NYC The Blog he owns an apartment in Noho's 40 Bond, right before he ran up and and down the block pretending to be a matador. His partying friends looked on from said 40 Bond apartment, some flashing their goodies while pressed up against those big Herzog-and-de-Meuron-designed windows (maybe they were trying to cheer up Dutch fans?). That sound you hear is every fogeyish co-op board in town saying, "See? This is why we exist" in unison.

· Things People Do In New Luxury Apartments: Fist Pump; Flash Your Vagina; Take Your Shirt Off; Smoosh Your Boobs Against The Glass; Give A Middle Finger; Be A Matador [NYC The Blog]

40 Bond Street

40 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website