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Rush Limbaugh Takes $11.5M Offer to Get Outta New York

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For a few months, conservative radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh has been trying to make good on his promise to leave New York because of high taxes. He first listed his penthouse at 1049 Fifth Avenue for $13.95 million in March. (It cost him $5 million in 1994.) In April he lopped $1 million off the price. And now, sold! The apartment, which includes hand-painted ceiling murals, went into contract last week to an unidentified buyer, the Journal reports. The final price was around $11.5 million, say brokers familiar with the deal. But before he goes, Limbaugh still owes about $325,000 in transfer taxes to the city and state. Don't let those silk damask curtains hit you on the way out!

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1049 Fifth Avenue

1049 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028