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Summer Sale Starts Now at Richard Meier's On Prospect Park

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Transparent Richard Meier-designed bird-killer On Prospect Park has PriceChopped before, not a surprising move when one's residents are deeply lonely. But the chops have brought only mixed success: in the last four months, apartments have still closed at up to 38.8 percent off their most recent asking prices. Something had to be done, so the Chopper swung by for another attempt. Five of the 14 still-listed units have had their prices cut by up to 20 percent. Trying to catch that second home market before the end of the summer?

Still, the Chopper must have been in a good mood, because the prices on a handful of other units have increased by up to 6 percent. They're still asking less than their original prices. Given the recent closing prices, we're a little relieved. We weren't looking forward to suggesting OPP seek treatment for delusions.

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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238