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Schools, Not Size, Now the Sticking Point at Riverside Center

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In its capacity as completely powerless advisor for the land-use review phase of Riverside Center, Community Board 7 has focused mostly on the size of the project, kindly asking developer Extell to remove an entire 31-story building from the plans. But now it appears size isn't the community's main complaint. What is? Schools! The project includes a 75,000-square-foot K-8 school, but, says the Times, neighborhood parents want a school that could fit 1,250 students, or six classes per grade, the number of students projected to move into the neighborhood while the school is under construction.

We assume Extell's Gary Barnett held in his laughter until after he told parents the decision is ultimately up to the School Construction Authority. Extell says it will double the size of its planned school only if the School Construction Authority pays the added costs. Which we're sure it will agree to do any minute now.
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