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Manhattan's Most Expensive Listing Doesn't Actually Exist Yet

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Why limit oneself to just one $35.5 million penthouse at the Time Warner Center when you could buy two at twice the price and, for just a few million extra, combine them? If that sounds like a reasonable question, you may be the target buyer for 80 Columbus Circle's PH77B and 76B. The two apartments are available for the low, low price of $73.5 million, making the combo Manhattan's most expensive listing. The buyer would need to add an internal staircase, to, uh, actually combine the units, according to the Journal. The sale would be something of a comeback for the Time Warner Center, which hasn't sold anything for more than $5,000/square foot in 18 months. In that time, 15 Central Park West has had five over-$5k/foot sales. Somebody bring us our tiniest violin!
The listing for PH77B still has no floorplan, but there is one for 76B to help your imaginations along:

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