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James New York Turns Grand Street Green

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As any good gardener knows, a summer heat wave is no time for planting. But when an oasis of hospitality is on the verge of opening, then the rules go out the window. Such is the case down at the James New York, Soho's new peg-legged hotel towering over the corner of Sixth Avenue and Grand Street, where greenery and guestrooms collide. Workers have been suffering under the sun to get things ready for the hotel's September opening, and plantings now grace the newly terraced terrain, with a row of trees obscuring the view of the glass elevator climbing up James' thick member. Suggestive!

Lush vines drip down from the top of the forbidding walls that hide the garden within from the street, and all of a sudden this once gnarly stretch of Sixth Avenue is green all over, with pretty little CaVaLa Park, the ever-changing gallery garden at LentSpace and the richly planted terraces of One York looming just beyond.
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James New York

27 Grand Street, New York, NY