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Developer Wants to Downsize Stalled LES Building

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The CurbedWire alarm was sounded way back in April 2007 regarding construction going on across the street from the Lower East Side's Seward Park. Back then a tipster wrote: "Does anyone know anything about the 13 story junky condo building being built at 183 East Broadway? This future piece of junk will tower over the historic Forward Building's 10 stories, a few doors away. They are continuing to violate a stop work order that was issued because their demolition and structural work caused huge cracks and shaking in the adjacent buildings." Those were the days, right LES? Well, it looks like that stop work order was eventually obeyed, because The Lo-Down now reports the developer appeared before the community board to present new plans for a seven-story building and ask for forgiveness. Here are some details:

Seeking a variance from the Board of Standards and Appeals, Wai Sun presented CB3 with revised plans, including the addition of limestone on the facade, iron balconies and the elimination of two parking spaces. They argued it would be wrong to penalize a developer for proceeding with a project the Buildings Department had initially approved. If the project (now planned as a 7 story building) does not go forward soon the owner said it’s possible he would default on a $5 million loan. He also presented a letter, detailing efforts made to attract a tenant for the proposed community facility in the building.

Despite all this, "the committee was unswayed," though a vote was put off. The stalled concrete shell is visible in the Google Street View image seen up top, and here's a shot of the Henry Street side of the problem child. Should the locals let bygones be bygones?

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