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Brooklyn Boutique Hotels Popular With Retirement Age Rockers

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The Hotel Le Jolie is that odd "boutique hotel" next to the BQE in Williamsburg. The Hotel Le Bleu is that odd glow-in-the-dark "boutique hotel" next to taxi depots on Fourth Avenue in what some now consider Park Slope. Who stays in these curiosities? Relatives of residents of these hotel-starved 'hoods, or so we've always assumed, but it turns out that's not entirely the case. Over the July 4th holiday weekend, the Neville Brothers shacked up at Le Jolie, while the Beach Boys crashed at Le Bleu. These and other startling revelations in the Times's analysis of the Brooklyn hotel boom. Watch out, Ian Schrager!
· As Everyone Else Discovers Brooklyn, So Have Hoteliers [NYT]