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Decade-Long Fight Over UWS Building Incredibly Not Over

A proposed 17-unit development at 330 West 86th Street was finally approved by the Board of Standards and Appeals in April after 11 years (!) in court system purgatory. The delay was sparked by a lawsuit from a neighboring 15-story co-op that didn't want to become the shorty on the street. But are the project's opponents backing down now that the BSA has ruled?

That question would probably be more dramatic if the answer were yes. Community groups didn't give up their opposition, and now the BSA says it will turn over jurisdiction on the project to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, according to Westside Independent. That department has already objected to the proposed condo, so this could be the death knell for the project, or at least an opportunity for the FloorChopper to pick up some extra work.
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