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NYU Gets an Angry Letter; 'Burg's 34 Berry Unveils Penthouses

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?It begins. Or rather, it continues. Community Board 2 has issued a press release and open letter directed at NYU, admonishing the school for its neighborhood-bullying 2031 expansion plan and for ignoring the recommendations of the community task force set up to negotiate with the school (you know, the one that doesn't really exist anymore). CB2 wants more meetings and discussions about the school's plans for its core campus in Greenwich Village. Here's the press release and the more gentle letter (warning: PDFs). Gettin' spicy! [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?The most well-manicured lawn in the 'Burg is proving to be popular with renters. The new 34 Berry is "90% leased and more than 50% occupied" according to a press release, which also says construction on the amenities and penthouse apartments is now complete. The building has 142 units total, and a retirement home's worth of time-killing bells and whistles. [CurbedWire Inbox]

34 Berry

34 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY 11249