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Superior Ink Residents Too Lazy to Park Their Own Bicycles

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Among the many amenities that the West Village's Superior Ink offers its clientele of celebrities, billionaires and (bor-ing!) millionaires, one has gone largely unnoticed by the likes of us: the bicycle valet. Let that sink in for a moment: Bicycle. Valet. Sure, there's regular valet parking in the building's private garage, but when Hilary Swank or Marc Jacobs or the owner of the Houston Rockets wants to cardio through Hudson River Park or wherever, The Villager reports they just call up the doorman and "arrange to have their bike brought out at the appointed hour, and have it put away when they come back."

Is this a rare service offered in the recent crop of uber-luxury buildings? Probably not. The concierge at 15 Central Park West?the other famous limestone tower gifted to the privileged classes by architect Robert A.M. Stern during the boom?would valet a helicopter filled with dead hookers and duffles of cocaine if a resident requested it. Still, there's something about a high-end condo building?named after an old factory it very controversially replaced?offering valet parking for bicycles that just feels like the extra carrot being dangled in front of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
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