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As the Smoke Clears, 30 Units Sold in Warehouse 11 Fire Sale

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The first closings in the troubled Warehouse 11 development, which survived near foreclosure, massive choppage, and legal troubles to finally start selling some units, hit public record back in May. Over the past few weeks, a bunch more closings have landed in ACRIS, giving us a fuller picture of exactly how hot that fire sale got. Not all of the sold units were officially listed, but we dug through the closing data and past listings to figure out what some of the discounts were on the 30 apartments (out of 120) that have sold so far. Our sympathy for now is with the buyer of #6Q, who paid an off-the-Warehouse-11-charts $912,000.
Here's what's sold, for how much, and the previous asking prices we were able to dig up:

1) 3V: Sold to a Westfield, New Jersey, buyer for probably around $550/square foot
2) 6V: Sold for $805,000, including a parking space
3) 5N: Sold for $430,950
4) 5J: Sold for $441,090, a 19.8 percent discount from the most recent listing price of $550,000
5) 5W: Sold for $645,000, including parking and storage
6) 6J: Sold for $590,000, with a parking space
7) 2V: Sold for $536,000 after originally asking $695,000, which was chopped to $680,000 in May 2009
8) 5V: Sold for $590,000, with a parking spot, after originally asking $740,000 in 2009
9) 6G: Sold for $603,000, including parking and storage, from an original 2009 list price of $749,000
10) 3M: Sold for $394,000, including a storage unit
11) 6H: Sold for $590,000, with parking
12) 5M: Sold for $430,000, a 20.4 percent discount from the $540,000 ask
13) 2C: Sold for $540,000, including a storage unit, after asking a high of $695,000 in 2009
14) 2K: Sold for $582,000, with a parking spot
15) 4E: Sold for $406,000
16) 4K: Sold for $616,041, including parking
17) 4N: Sold for $405,000
18) 3J: Sold for $374,000, with storage
19) 4C: Sold for $575,000 with parking
20) 6Q: Sold for $912,000 with parking
21) 3D: Sold for $401,000 with parking
22) 2T: Sold for $566,000 with parking
23) 3U: Sold for $536,000, including parking, after asking $669,000
24) 4H: Sold for $337,155
25) 6T: Sold for $790,000, including parking
26) 4D: Sold for $403,000
27) 3K: Sold for $581,000, with parking, after asking $760,000 back in 2009
28) 4J: Sold for $395,000 with storage space, down from a $540,000 ask last year
29) 5U: Sold for $590,000 with parking
30) 2M: Sold for $380,000

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