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20 Pine Seeks Shopkeep; Epic Gretsch Building A/C Rant!

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We're clocking out early due to heat exhaustion. See ya!

FIDI?The last high-end Financial District condo to promise big things out of its retail space ended up with a Chipotle. We haven't heard any big predictions from the gang at 20 Pine, but it'll be interesting to see what turns up in the space. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?It's hot as hell outside, the type of day when shelling out for a luxury apartment seems worth it just for the central a/c. Er, tell that to the resident of the Gretsch (the nicest building in the South 'Burg) that sent us this epic rant about the building being a bit hot under the collar:

I am a resident at the Gretsch, and our AC's break down multiple times per week since summer started. The building gets insanely hot insanely fast, and then the crack HVAC team tries to patch it up, only to see it quickly fail all over again. Here is a quick summary
May 4 - HVAC converted to AC
June 28 - A ConEd surge knocks the AC out. It is restored several hours later
July 10 - System goes down again. It is briefly fixed again
July 11 - System crashes again, but is momentarily fixed until
July 11 - the upper floors lose AC for the rest of the night. The lower floors luckily are blessed with AC.
July 12 - The building loses AC again for the entire day. The repairmen momentarily restore service
July 12 - The building manager sends out this email

"This past weekend was not a good one at the Gretsch. Saturday Morning we had the circuit breakers for our HVAC Boilers trip due to a bad relay. We needed an electrician, and we did manage to repair the problem and start the Cooling Towers. The start caused some rubber hoses to burst due to the sudden pressure, normally this would not happen but the hoses did give way and started leaking more water than we could add to the system. We did resolve that problem in one Cooling Tower, when the other one developed the leaks. As a solution and a preventive measure these hoses will be changed once a year during a full maintenance schedule for the A/C system.
This was a very frustrating issue as we had repaired one item, another problem began. The Resident Manager, George, was on top of the situation and was in constant communication with the contractors and myself. We were doing everything possible to bring the A/C back online, and we will have the A/C for the rest of this afternoon and evening."

July 14 - Just two days later, the entire system crashes again. Service is restored just before midnight.
July 16 - Another two days later, the AC breaks down again - according to the building super's email "As a precaution, a decision was made to change all the hoses. This decision was made so that we will not experience any future problems."

Hoses my ass. The chatter in the building is that the five year warranty for the massive cooling towers is up, and the units are pieces of shit, which is why they keep breaking down every other day. Meanwhile, its supposed to be 100 degrees all weekend, and I need my god damn air conditioning to be on full blast.Looks like Gretsch residents have something to be pissed about other than losing that view! [CurbedWire Inbox]

Gretsch Building

60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY