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Sheffield Turns the Page by Breaking Out Some Big Guns

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Now on its fourth or fifth, Hell's Kitchen megaconversion The Sheffield (it's returned to its original name following the Sheffield57 experiment) is back on the market following all the bucket-swinging antics tied to former owner Kent Swig. While the public listings currently only go up to $2.95 million, there are much bigger pads in the former rental building that are now quietly on the market. Like the 3,417-square-foot #44T2, a 3BR/4BA (though configuration is open to interpretation) combined from two three-bedroom apartments. There are three of these in the building on the 44th, 52nd and 55th floors, and this one's priced at $6.875 million. Might even be big enough to store a marching band!
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The Sheffield

322 w 57th street, New York, New York 10019