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Gowanus Dumpster Pools Coming to, Brace for This, Park Avenue!

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The semi-secret dumpster pools of Gowanus created by design firm Macro-Sea were last summer's biggest sensation, and now the show is going on the road?or rather, over a bride. By the power of Bloomberg, three dumpster pools will be placed on Park Avenue for the first three Saturdays in August, open to swimmers from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Fear not, financial titans, the dumpsters will be at 40th Street, far from the limestone towers from which you run the world. The pools are getting upgraded for their Manhattan debut, with "a five-foot-wide metal deck with a nonstick rubber surface...several changing-room cabanas, portable showers and portable toilets." And to remind everyone who's boss, the toilets will be dumped straight into the Gowanus Canal.
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