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Almost Scandalous UES Penthouse Sells at a Discount

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Snazzy new condo 170 East End Avenue narrowly avoided becoming the most ponzilicious building on the Upper East Side (Edward T. Stein already owned a pied-a-terre there) when celebrity-scamming financial adviser Kenneth Starr decided to take his ill-gotten millions to Lux 74 instead. Now the penthouse Starr didn't want, 170 East End Avenue's PH2B, is facing a scandal of a different sort?selling at a discount. It has sold for quite a bit less than the $13.9 million Starr planned to pay, the Journal reports. (Hey, price matters less when the money's not really yours!)

The new buyer, hidden behind a company, paid $11,200,750 for the 5BR penthouse, a 19.4 percent discount. A court receiver is still trying to get Starr's original deposit back from the developer for Starr's clients. Judge the floorplan porn for yourselves, but if we were going to buy a scammer's leftovers, we would have gone with the private indoor lap pool.

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170 East End Ave

170 East End Ave, New York, NY