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Slow Reveal for Greenwich Village's Townhomes of Downing Street

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The Townhomes of Downing Street, a row of three super-luxe residences from developer Urban Muse nearing completion in the Village, are doing a slow striptease. Big white tarps still hide the bulk of the buildings, but up top creamy slabs of sandstone surrounding wood-framed windows can be spied from little Downing Street down below. The team at 1100 Architect promise high living at its best, with six floors of Ateliers, Parlors and a maxi-Master Suite. Did we mention the Observatory level with terraces up top?

The surrounding grounds are being planned and planted by the landscape team at Scape, using bluestone and Cor-Ten steel in the sustainable garden. Two of the townhomes were also offered as a single 12,127-square-foot residence and listed last year at $33 million. But as of this week that one is, to the dismay of procrastinators, "no longer available." For those looking for something less pricey, there's a little old townhouse for sale across the way at 23 Downing, described as a "real fixer upper," for $3,995,000. B.Y.O. bluestone.
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Townhomes of Downing Street

22 Downing Street New York NY