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A Look at Three Apartments in Brooklyn Heights

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Like many of you, we are completely obsessed with open houses. Each Sunday we take a peek into some of them and report back to you. Armed with only a digital camera and sunscreen, this week we took a look at some places in Brooklyn Heights.

Location: 65 Montague Street
Size: Approx. 1,000 sq ft 2 BR 1 BA
Price: $675,000 (maint/cc: $852)
Pros: Big master bedroom; spacious living/dining room; steps to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Cons: Kitchen definitely needs a renovation; lack of windows/natural light

We were really feeling the living room in this apartment. The master bed looks out into a common courtyard that's maintained and has definitely got charm. Interesting note about the building: it shares the courtyard with 20 Pierrepont Street so you can actually use either entrance.
[65 Montague Street]

Location: 19 Grace Court
Size: Approx. 1900 sq ft 4 BR 3 BA
Price: $1,625,000 (maint./cc: $1,709)
Pros: The kitchen, dining room and living room flow very well, giving the apartment a spacious layout; laundry in unit
Cons: One of the bedrooms is tiny and works better as an office; bedrooms feel too cramped and bunched together.

It's hard to resist Grace Court, which is one of those timeless streets in the Heights that gives the neighborhood its unique vibe. We're not crazy about this building in particular, the lobby feels like it hasn't been updated in years and feels dusty. However, the apartment just had its kitchen renovated with some high end appliances. The price seems a little high though given that it's not a full service building.
[19 Grace Court]

Location: 360 Furman Street (One Brooklyn Bridge Park)
Size: 1,725 sq ft 3 BR 3 BA
Price: $2,595,000 (Maint/cc: $2,462)
Pros: the views are something out of a postcard; massive windows; high ceilings; the outdoor space is a great addition
Cons: The monthly payments are gonna get high at about $2,500 a month

It takes some vision to replace the completed Brooklyn Bridge Park as the view you will have a few years down the line instead of the construction site there is now. It'll sure be a nice backyard to have when it's done though. The unit we went to see was still not fully complete, but the representative showed a model apartment that gave an idea of what a furnished unit would look like. Anyone else been checking out units in this behemoth? Or any residents want to chime in about their experiences in the building?
[360 Furman Street]