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One of These UWS Townhouses is Not Like the Others

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Every now and then a townhouse emerges from behind the scaffolding after a lengthy renovation looking nothing like its previous form, or anything else in the neighborhood. We've seen it in Turtle Bay, and now we're seeing it at 252 West 75th Street on the Upper West Side, where a tipster writes:

This townhouse, at 252 W 75th Street was empty for years, then stripped to beams, and then rebuilt over an insanely long period of several years. Looks cool, and way out of place on this UWS block (but, in my opinion, in a good way). Scaffolding came off months ago, so what's up? Condo, rental?

At one time, yessir, but after a painstaking process this multi-family dwelling has been consolidated into a very modern mansion. Let's review!

The building in its previous form (seen in the photo gallery above) sold in 2005 for $3.925 million, to an LLC. Plans to convert the townhouse to single-family use and expand it to just under 5,800 square feet were filed the next year by architect Michael Zenreich on behalf of the owner, but the plans came under scrutiny. An amendment was later filed to eliminate a curb cut and garage from the plans, "done to lift administrative hold," according to the application. Eventually things were good to go, leading to this new kid on the block.

A Stamford-based lawyer acting as an agent of the anonymous owner has signed off on the deed and permits over the years, and when we dropped by the get some pictures of the house a polite builder told us the owner is a very private person who wouldn't be crazy about us snapping shots, and a peek inside was out of the question. But the outside sure is something to look at on its own, right?
· Permits: 252 West 75th Street [DOB]

UPDATE: With apologies to the very private owner, we've snagged some interior renderings of the house from the website of workshop/apd, a firm that worked on the project. They've been added to the gallery.

252 West 75th Street, New York, NY