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Sing a Duet With Cole Porter's Ghost for $140,000/Month

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Renters don't seem to stick around apartment #33A at the Waldorf Astoria for very long. The place was rented in October '09, listed again in November, rented again, and re-listed late last week. One reason for short tenancies might be that the 6,000-square-foot apartment is asking $140,000 a month, making it, the Real Deal notes, Manhattan's most expensive current rental. The rent's partly due to the apartment's celebrity pedigree: Cole Porter lived there from 1934 to 1964. Perhaps renters don't want to stick around after they hear his ghost singing "Don't Fence Me In."

· Listing: 100 East 50th Street [BHS]
· Waldorf's "Cole Porter" rental unit hits market at $140K per month [Real Deal]