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Neighbors of New Chelsea Building Decry Tree Slaughter

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Construction has begun on West 25th Street and Ninth Avenue for a new 22-story building on a public housing parking lot, and in neighbors' eyes things aren't getting off to a good start. First, the new building from architects GF55 Partners, with 168 units of housing for the middle class, was tagged the Elliott Chelsea, co-opting the name of the Chelsea Elliott Houses that have stood next door for the past 40-plus years. Then the construction fence went up, taking away some cheap parking spots. Next, and apparently most egregiously, the saws came in and took down a big leafy London Plane tree that shaded a corner of the Chelsea Elliott Houses, leaving a forlorn stump out front.

Now, a sign has been tenderly tied to a nearby tree, proclaiming nefarious deeds by a whole list of government types. Those aggrieved by the arboricide include both residents of the public housing project and dwellers in the much pricier Heywood condominium standing just to the north of the construction site?and where folks are already ticked off about the windows they will lose when the new building rises. You see? All it takes for the haves and have-lesses to come together is a little flesh wound to Mother Earth, and the threat of less light and air. Our Angry Sign Patrol will be closely monitoring the situation.
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Elliott Chelsea

401 West 25th Street, New York, NY