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Battery Park City's West Thames Park is Still the People's Enemy

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Battery Park City's newly revamped West Thames Park, known to locals as Tire Swing Park, has not quite succeeded in rising above its contentious recent past. After a controversial renovation process, the park opened Memorial Day Weekend to a fight over a new tire swing. The swing was removed after it conked a few children on the head. After a Department of Transportation investigation found nothing wrong with the thing, it was returned to the park yesterday, reports DNAinfo, with a sign warning children over 48 inches tall not to use it. So does that mean all is now well at Tire Swing Park? Ha, good one!
Now that it's finished giving children head wounds, the park is on to its next target: nearby grown-ups. Downtown Express reports that sand is blowing up to the balconies and apartments of BPC's Liberty Court. One resident complained to Community Board 1, "About half a cup a day is flying onto the balconies?more comes in through windows, landing of course on everything inside. This includes into peoples' eyes and into bedding and foodstuffs." Ruh roh, bedding and foodstuffs! Warns the resident, "Photos are being collected with time/date stamps by residents," because the sand could cause property damage and eye infections. Or maybe it'll just make everybody's skin look nice!
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