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Mikhail Prokhorov's Love of Brooklyn Has its Limits

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Brooklyn's Russian conqueror slapped his face on a giant mural near Madison Square Garden to taunt his rivals, but he'll be showing his real face on the streets of Manhattan as well. The world's most entertaining billionaire/jet skier has decided to set up his stateside office not in the eventual home borough of his NBA team, but on the exclusive isle. And he's got taste! The Wall Street Journal reports Prokhorov's Onexim Group is taking 2,500 square feet of space on the 26th floor of the landmark Seagram Building at Park Avenue and 53rd Street. The Nets will use it as an office, but supposedly Prokhorov will also set it up as a base of operations for when he's in town?a prospect that must have nearby restaurants very excited. We're expecting a Marty Markowitz press release chiding Prokhorov about not signing a lease in Brooklyn within the hour, unless he values his safety.
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