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$3.5 Million Flower Grows in East Village's Flowerbox

How hot does the weather need to be to wilt Avenue D's pricey Flowerbox Building? We don't know, because we're not there yet! Flowerbox apartment #4W, which first hit the market in 2006 asking $2.599 million and went off the market in 2007, is back. And this time it's asking $3.495 million. It's unclear whether #4W sold the first time around, since the unit numbers on apartments sold are recorded differently from the original listings. (#4A sold for $2,392,887 in 2007.) But even the resale market at Avenue D's most expensive flower hasn't been so great lately, so #4W's showing some guts. Will this flower get picked?
· 259 East 7th Street #4W [StreetEasy]
· Flowerbox Building coverage [Curbed]


259 e7th st, New york, NY 10009