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Upper West Side's Laureate Puts the Poetry in Motion

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One of the fastest-moving construction projects we've seen in a while is the Laureate on the Upper West Side, which last summer was just a pit on the corner of 76th and Broadway. Now? That Fall 2010 completion prediction doesn't sound so crazy, especially with a healthy dose of limestone and glass already on the 20-story building. Not many people are talking about this SLCE Architects-designed condo building, at least right now. The prices should trigger some conversation.

Some peeps on the StreetEasy message board have been searching for info on the building while debating how it will compare with nearby newcomer The Harrison, and one noticed that the Laureate's teaser website has a price range in a drop-down menu:

1-bedrooms from $1,670,000
2-bedrooms from $2,236,000
3-bedrooms from $3,083,000
4-bedrooms from $5,069,000
5+-bedrooms from $8,056,000
Penthouse pricing available upon request

Yowza, 1BRs start at $1.67 million? Though these big-time prices were predicted, the numbers still make our heart race. Then again, limestone ain't cheap, and neither is a classy entrance like the one planned. From SLCE's Laureate renderings:

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