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Somebody Finally Buys Something at Midtown's Cassa

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The 57-unit, rich foreign buyer-seeking, Enrique Norten-designed Cassa NY condo/hotel seemed like it would be a tough sell at around $2,000/square foot. And that was before it raised its prices. But 40 percent of the building sold under its first brokerage, and now the deals are starting to close. Two sales appear to have hit public record so far. One is PH3, which was never officially listed but which has sold for $4.25 million. The second is 39C, which sold for $895,000 but which was, at least at one point, listed for $1.353 million. Has there been some serious behind-the-scenes discounting at Cassa? Or were these sales?the buyers are hidden behind two different LLCs but have the same lawyer?a package deal? The building is known to be a fan of multi-unit buys.
· Sale: 66-70 West 45th Street PH3 [ACRIS]
· 66-70 West 45th Street #39C [ACRIS]
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Cassa Hotel & Residence

70 W45th Street, New York, NY 10036