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Landmark Village Townhouse Can't Live Up to Seller's Expectations

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The four-story Federal at 7 Leroy Street is the type of historic Greenwich Village townhouse that people write really long blog posts about. It's not only a landmarked building dating back to the 1830s, but also a two-bedroom carriage house, safely tucked away on the 22' x 90' lot. The whole package was on the market for $4.75 million, and it just sold, for $3.9 million. Sound low for such an impressive piece of Village lore? Well, according to the StreetEasy listing page, the front building is currently carved up into four apartments that would need combining if this is headed for single-family glory. Another fun detail: "many wood burning fireplaces." Greedy 19th-century warmth-craving jerks!

The buyer listed on the deed is an LLC with the address of 122 Washington Place?which is another old townhouse that was recently on the market (it sold for $5.5 million). Is someone hoarding historic Village townhouses? And if so, can they adopt us?

The seller of 7 Leroy is Laurie Korobkin, who spoke to the Times (in a story we found on New York Architecture Images) about the house's landmark designation back in 2004:

But the owner of the impeccably maintained house at 7 Leroy, Laurie Korobkin, said she is not keen on designation, although she has no thought of demolition. The front structure is divided into apartments; she and her husband, David, who died two years ago, used to occupy the rear building.

Mrs. Korobkin, who now lives in New Canaan, Conn., also owns 333 West 11th Street, which is in a landmark district. ''The red tape, the checking back and forth, hiring someone to do all the paperwork -- it's been nothing but a headache,'' she said.

She said she felt that the building at 7 Leroy ''is my children's legacy, that their father left them.''

''I have to maintain that legacy,'' she said, ''and I have to think, 'What's in it for me?' ''

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