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East River Waterfront Makeover Ready to Start on the Sequel

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Compared to what's been going on with the Hudson River waterfront in recent years, Manhattan's East River waterfront is like an unwanted stepchild. And the recent strides on Brooklyn Bridge Park make the waterfront across the river look even more unloved. But not for long! The long-delayed reinvention of two miles of coastline from Battery Park up to the Lower East Side as dreamed up by SHoP Architects kicked off last summer. That was just Phase I, including a brand new Pier 15 and a renovated Pier 35. "Package 2," as its called, is a bit less flashy, but the Tribeca Trib (wrong side of the island, bros!) still gets us excited with the report that the city plans to start tearing up the existing sidewalk and bikeway by November. The work between Whitehall Street and Rutgers Slip is expected to take 14 months to finish, which, when translated from cityspeak, means expect to be jogging on those new hexagonal pavers by spring 2023, when we'll all have switched to hoverboards, anyway.
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