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Harlem's WA Condominiums Now Headed for Foreclosure

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Turns out WA isn't just the name of Harlem's WA Condominiums. It's also the sound the developers are probably making right now, because the bank has filed to foreclose on the building. The foreclosure suit alleges that the developers didn't get a temporary certificate of occupancy by the end of November 2009, when their loan on the property matured, The Real Deal reports. The former Development Du Jour had hoped to pull in foreign buyers and luxury-minded New Yorkers with Harlem rarities like a rooftop pool and running track and delivery from Citarella and Fairway. Those amenities led to asking prices between $900 and $1,100 a square foot, going as high as $1,657 for a three-bedroom. But buyers weren't exactly lining up. You do hate to see that.
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