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How Much to Park at Soho's Tunnel Garage? Try $12K/Month!

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We once thought that Soho's Tunnel Garage was the anti-starchitecture, the one non-flashy piece of its 'hood. Not so much! It might look unassuming, but the parking garage turned 38-unit piece of glass and concrete will have some of Soho's highest asking rents when it opens in September, the Journal's Josh Barbanel reports. One-bedrooms will start at $6,500/month, two-bedrooms at $12,000/month, and three-bedrooms at $13,000/month. The building has a "low-rise European character," larger than usual unit sizes for a rental (with 1BRs around 1,000 square feet and 2BRs at 1,500), and some bathrooms with Empire State Building views. It's also got an awful lot of confidence in that recovering rental market. At least The Corner will have some company.
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55 Thompson Street

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