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Million-Dollar FiDi Apartment Being Given Away in HGTV Contest

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How's this for an attention-grabbing giveaway: According to a press release, HGTV will be handing over the keys to a 900-square-foot apartment in the Financial District's brand new and highly delayed W New York Downtown condo/hotel to a contest winner. Like, to keep. Forever. Deets: Beginning on August 12, people can see detailed photos of the 1BR/1BA apartment?fully furnished and designed by HGTV star Vern Yip?at A tour will also air on the network's Urban Oasis special. Starting September 1, people can head to that website and enter a random drawing to win the grand prize package, which includes not only the apartment, but also a new Acura ZDX horseless stagecoach. A $1.5 million value! As for who's picking up the maintenance and parking bills, well, that part we're still not clear on. For those without luck on their side, there's a new way into this Gwathmey Siegel-designed skyscraper o' sensual pleasures!

Recently the first two sales in the building were recorded, a pair of apartments on the 42nd floor sold to an Italian investor for a combined $4 million price tag. Now it appears those same apartments are already back on the market as rentals. The 800sqft 1BR/1BA is asking $5,200/month, while the 1,175sqft 2BR/2BA is seeking $6,600/month. "The first opportunity to be a full-time resident," the pitch goes. These shouldn't be confused with the 64 furnished condos that are now being offered as short-term corporate rentals, because, well, they just shouldn't, OK? Gosh, get off our case.
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