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Donald Trump Jr. Sells Upper West Side Pad to Brazilian Model

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Life at 220 Riverside Boulevard (one of the Trump Place buildings) probably lost some of its sparkle for Donald Trump Jr. when he was ousted from the condo board back in 2006. Last year, he and the family packed it in for the non-Trump Sovereign on East 58th Street. Now Donald Jr. has finally unloaded the scene of his disgrace, 220 Riverside Boulevard #11L. It doesn't appear to have been officially listed, but In a deal that just hit public record, he sold the apartment for $1,845,500. The buyer is Isabeli B. Fontana, who we're assuming after a quick Google is the Brazilian model of that name. Think she'll run for the board?
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220 Riverside Boulevard

220 Riverside Boulevard, New York , NY 10069