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Preservationists Feeling Groucho About Marx Brothers Place

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Turns out Marx Brothers Place, the stretch of East 93rd Street between Lexington and Third avenues where the Marx brothers lived as kiddies, is not headed for a spot in the Carnegie Hill Historic District. A committee of Community Board 8 already voted to recommend the block to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, so what went wrong? Simple! The LPC already considered and dismissed Marx Brothers Place. Huh?

The LPC actually wrote a letter against landmarking Marx Brothers Place back in May. But nobody shared the letter?sent to City Council Member Dan Garodnick?with the community board. After hearing it yesterday, the board voted against landmarking, DNAinfo reports. Now the 93rd Street Beautification Association complains in a press release that Garodnick and the co-chair of CB 8's landmarks committee sat on the letter until they could spring it on attendees at the meeting: "And so, without even the courtesy of a heads up to his own constituents, NYC Council Member Dan Garodnick successfully defeated Marx Brothers Place in one fell swoop - and sold out his constituents in the process." Harsh words, people. Time to put on your fake mustaches and simmer down.
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