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Inside Tommy Hilfiger's Finished Fixer-Upper at the Plaza

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[Photos by Douglas Friedman, via Harper's Bazaar]

It might be best forgotten that Tommy Hilfiger wanted to unload (for $50 million!) his 18th and 19th-floor fixer-upper duplex at the Plaza only two years ago. Because now the fixing up is finished, and the Hilfiger family seems pretty happy with the place, if the smiley slideshow in Harper's Bazaar is anything to go by. Tommy tells the magazine he and wife Dee "had a vision to create an old-world atmosphere complementing the old-world Plaza,” and they shopped together for furniture to go with their 20-piece Andy Warhol collection. Our lawyers wouldn't let us swipe all the photos, but in the gallery above, check out what the Hilfigers have done with those tiny windows and the dome.
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The Plaza

Central Park South, Manhattan, NY 10019 Visit Website

The Plaza

1 Central Park South, New York, NY