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Upper East Siders Forced to Crash in $8 Million Soho Penthouse

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The roster of A-listers in this week's column from Post real estate gossip Jennifer Gould Keil is lengthy: Lady Gaga! Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick! Leonardo DiCaprio! So why are we most amazed by the tiny item item about a pet-food czar? Because Leonard Stern and his wife are purchasing the 4,520-square-foot penthouse duplex at 25 West Houston Street "to live in while their 110-year-old Fifth Avenue mansion is being renovated uptown." They're paying around $8 million. So what's wrong with a hotel? Is bedbug paranoia really getting this bad?

This is the same apartment that was once on the rental market for $75,000 per month, and it does sound like the perfect vacation home for visiting Gold Coasters. From the brokerbabble: "Off the living room, there is a professionally landscaped 16'-6" x 75'-0" terrace complete with hot tub, gas grill and outdoor sitting area with a high-definition outdoor flat-screen TV." We think they're still using black-and-white on Fifth Avenue, strict co-op board rules and all. Check out the listing to see what may be the best Silver Towers view $8 million can buy. Here's the floorplan:

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