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New Rental Building Saves UWS From Bad Style

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We know all about the crazy success of new Upper West Side building The Corner, where apartments with astronomical rents (including 25 units priced over $10k/month) are being snapped up like it ain't no thang. But little did we know that the building has actually made the entire neighborhood less schlubby! Daily News scribe Jason Sheftell explains:

The building, which sits across the street from the 72nd St. and Broadway 1/2/3 subway stop, has set records for local rents and brought a more stylish resident to a neighborhood where sweatpants, spectacles and bad hair were considered in vogue for almost half a century.The new UWS haute couture? Sferra robes, which come in gold-ribbon-wrapped boxes for each new Corner renter. We're saving ours to re-gift on Festivus.
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The Corner

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