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Superior Ink Flipper Profits on Another Buyer's Combo Condo

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Superior Ink's high-profile residents might be too lazy to put away their own bicycles, but it appears they still have the energy to make big deals on big apartments. Priorities, people! Today's big Superior Ink buyer is Megawatt East LLC, the proud owner of sponsor unit 8C, which just closed for $11.75 million after being listed in contract for $12.95 million. Unit 8C is a 3,234-square-foot 4BR, 4.5BA place, but with an LLC name like Megawatt, is it any surprise the buyer wanted something a little bigger? He/she/it also picked up the one-bedroom, one-bathroom #8D, not a sponsor unit, and actually a pretty quick and successful flip for its first owner. That owner purchased the apartment in October for $1,680,112, a 30.7 percent discount. He's resold it to Megawatt for an even $2 million. Seems like a few of the neighbors could take a lesson.

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