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Riverside Center Gets Official Community Board Thumbs-Down

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Community Board 7 has finished its completely non-binding review of Extell's Riverside Center, the proposed megaproject that will turn a parking lot into a 2,500-unit development with a hotel, retail, water scrim, school, and more. And CB 7's verdict won't be surprising to anyone who's been following along: the board doesn't really like the project. In a four-hour meeting last night, the board finalized its recommendations for the developer (and ate a lot of chocolates handed out by the board chair). The CB 7 members still want Extell to get rid of an entire building and agree to pay all the construction costs for a 151,598-square-foot school, instead of the promised shell of a 75K-square-foot school. Plus, they want the developer to make a "substantial contribution" to the possible relocation of Miller Highway. The developer's representative complained to the the Observer about the board: "They did not prioritize their requests." We're sure if CB 7 resubmits a better-ordered list, Extell head Gary Barnett will take it very, very seriously.
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