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Duke Semans Mansion Sells for $40 Million!

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Holy cow! The Post is reporting the sale of the Duke Semans Mansion for $40 Million. The nearly 20,000 square foot mansion, located on Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street was listed for $50 Million and sold for about what it was bought for by Tamir Sapir back in 2006. He bought it with the intent of it being the home for his ivory collection, however that didn't work out after it was discovered that he was illegally bringing ivory carvings and pelts to America on his Yacht. We know that the buyer is Russian, but nothing more than that (it's not Mikhail Prokhorov). If the buyer's intent is to turn this into a residence, it's going to take a good amount of time and money. Doesn't seem the latter is going to be an issue though!
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