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Beekman Nearly All Wrapped Up; Developer Disses the Dead

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FIDI?There's just one residential floor left in the skinning of Frank Gehry's rippling Beekman Tower. Soon the rats will have peace once again. As for the flat side of the building: still totally lame-o. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN?Developer Aby Rosen is no stranger to controversy?the Upper East Side still hasn't settled down from the 980 Madison flap?but here's something different: desecration of the Holy Land! According to some pretty P.O.'d Orthodox Jews, Rosen and his RFR Holding partner Michael Fuchs have unearthed an ancient cemetery while building a $60 million luxury hotel in Jaffa, Israel. (The Daily News mentioned the drama last week.) The black hat brigade has been picketing outside of RFR's offices at 390 Park Avenue to try and get the developers to stop digging. A cam-phone shot of the scene: